LETTINGS Terms and Conditions

Summary of Tenant Find Service Mandatory Conditions:

Process as follows:

1) Your property will be marketed across the UK's biggest network (including Rightmove and Zoopla)

2) Viewing applications received by Online Agent UK from interested parties

3) Applicants filtered by OAUK based on the criteria you specified for tenants

4) Viewings arranged at an agreed process with yourself, the Landlord

5) You, the Landlord or your representative complete the viewing/s

6) You, the Landlord revert the applicant back to OAUK for feedback and/or offers

7) OAUK Agent and Landlord discuss offers; then accept/decline/negotiate at the discretion of you, the Landlord

8) Online Agent UK complete a mandatory and comprehensive referencing process on the chosen applicant/s

9) Tenancy Set Up Services completed by Landlord and/or Online Agent UK (e.g. AST contract, DPS, Inventory, Check in/out, Rent/Deposit collection).

Note. Services after completion of referencing are optional but completion of referencing by OAUK is mandatory.

Following on from appointing Online Agent UK either by phone or via email to market your property, it will be a deemed  a contractual agreement between you and Online Agent UK and that you have agreed to our Lettings terms and conditions, even if our terms and conditions have not been signed by you.

Should we receive written confirmation that you do not want us to act on your behalf or advertise the property within 3 days of the agreement being sent to you via email, the contract will be deemed void.

Should you agree to hold a viewing on a property that we have acted on your behalf to find a tenant for, it will be deemed that you have agreed to our terms and conditions, even if our terms and conditions have not been signed, the deemed contract cannot be waived at this stage unless by written permission from Online Agent UK.


You or The Landlord " the sole/joint owners of the property named on the instruction form at the end of the Terms & Conditions.

The Agent " referring to the partnership trading as Online Agent UK

The Property " together with fixtures furniture appliances and effects

The Tenant " any tenant or tenants of the Property introduced by Online Agent UK

The Tenancy " the period that the Tenant remains in occupation of the property

When instructing Online Agent UK to act as Letting/Management agent the following terms and conditions are agreed to by the Landlord of the Property.

General Authority:

The Landlord confirms that he/she is the sole joint owner of the Property and/or that he/she has the right to rent out the property on behalf of the owner and also the right to rent out the property under the terms of the mortgage or head lease and will provide the agent with proof to verify. Where necessary, the landlord confirms that permission to let has been granted by their mortgage lender.

Indemnity of Agent:

The Landlord will indemnify and keep indemnified the Agent from and against any and all losses, damage or liability suffered from during the time the Agent has or is acting on his/her behalf.

Fixtures & Fittings:

The Landlord agrees to make the Property available in good, clean, safe and able to let condition. The Landlord is also expected to ensure that all equipment, electrical or otherwise, provided with the property is fully operational and serviced at the commencement of a Tenancy.

The Rent:

Unless otherwise stated, rents quoted to a Tenant by us on the Landlords behalf are inclusive of Ground Rent and Service Charge for which the Landlord is responsible, with the exception of Gas, Electricity, the Telephone service, Water charges and utilities for fuel, oil or other, where independent systems exist. The payment of council tax will normally be responsibility of the tenant for the duration of the Tenancy. The Landlord will be responsible for payment of council tax, if applicable, when the property is empty.


It is recommended that a full inventory of the Property to be prepared to protect your interests and the Property. The Landlord will be responsible for the cost of the creation of the inventory and checking in of the tenants with the inventory at the beginning of the Tenancy.  If we instruct Independent Inventory clerks we cannot accept liability for any error or omission on their part, since they are not in our employ.  The charges for the production of the inventory and the check-in fee vary dependent on size of the Property and whether it is let furnished or unfurnished. Quotations supplied on request.

Tenancy Agreement:

The standard agreement will be for 6 or 12 months including a provision to continue after the 6th or 12th month by way of the tenant giving one months' notice of vacating (earliest date being from 5th or 11th month of the Tenancy), and the Landlord giving two months' notice from a rent due date for vacant possession (earliest date being from the 4th or 10th month of the Tenancy).

Deposit & Deposit Protection:

Upon signing the Tenancy Agreement, either Online Agent UK or the Landlord will collect a dilapidations deposit from the Tenant(s) in addition to any rents due.  Unless instructed otherwise, this will be calculated as one times the monthly rent.  When providing our fully managed service, or as instructed by the Landlord, Online Agent UK will register the deposit with the Deposit Protection Service. The deposit will then be held in a separate and secure client account. The Agent will owe a duty of care to both the Landlord and the Tenant to see that the deposit is paid out correctly.  In the event of Online Agent UK registering the deposit and proceeding disputed dilapidations between the Landlord and Tenant the Tenant must inform the relevant tenancy deposit scheme of the dispute. In this case the amount of dispute will be forwarded to the tenancy deposit scheme by Online Agent UK for resolution.

Repairs & Maintenance (Property Management):

Landlords are reminded that they have statutory obligations to maintain their properties in a good and tenantable order. If the Landlord does not have preferred contractors the Agent is able to advise and instruct tradesmen that have proved reliable to date. If Online Agent UK are managing the property under a Full Management agreement, normal procedure will be for the Agent to obtain an estimate for Landlords approval.  However, in order to obtain a detailed estimate it could be necessary for the tradesman to attend the property and a call-out charge may be incurred. In the event of emergency, where the property is found to be insecure or at risk of imminent or future damage or could potentially cause harm to a tenant then the Agent is authorised to action the works necessary. The Agent will pay invoices for any works authorised from rents received.

The Landlord must ensure that the building & contents insurance cover is adequate and that the policy covers furnished lettings. Please note that many household insurances polices do not provide such cover.

Termination of Management Service:

If the Landlord withdraws his property from a Full Management agreement after references are taken on potential tenants and prior to a proposed tenancy stating the Landlord agrees to pay the Agent double the administration fee charged to the Tenant as compensation to the Agent costs incurred, and also any costs incurred for the production of an inventory, maintenance, or gas and electrical safety inspections.


In the event of the Tenant, or any person or company associated with the Tenant, or any person introduced by Online Agent UK to the property, purchases the property during or within 12 months of the end of any Tenancy (having previously or subsequently entered into a Tenancy or not) the Landlord will pay the minimum sales package price plus VAT to Online Agent UK.

Safety Regulations:

Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998

The Landlord is legally obliged to have all gas appliances inspected annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer and a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate provided, with copies for the Tenant and Agent. The Landlord confirms that these regulations have and will continue to be fully complied with.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994

The Landlord is legally obliged to ensure the safety of electrical appliances all wiring and pugs sockets in the Property and the electrical supply is safe` and will not cause danger` and complies with all statutory requirements.

The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988

The Landlord is legally obliged to ensure that all furniture in the Property, included in the letting, provided or added during the Tenancy fully comply with the Consumer Protection Act 1987 and all statutory instruments made under it including in particular the Furniture (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended in 1989 and 1993.

The Landlord will indemnify the Agent against any expenses or penalties that may be suffered as a result of non-compliance of the Property to fire and appliance safety standards.

Other Regulations:

Property Mis-descriptions Act 1991

It is the Landlords responsibility to check the website description of his/her property and notify Online Agent UK of any amendments required. The Landlord shall indemnify Online Agent UK against any claim made in respect of the property or any mis-description herein that arise wholly or partially out of the act or default of the Landlord(s).

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC that is no more than 10 years old is required for any dwelling offered to let as of 1st October 2008. It is the Landlords responsibility to ensure that the EPC is in place and available for prospective tenants to view once the property is on the market. The Landlord could be liable for a fine if a property is found not to have an EPC and has been on the market since 1st October 2008.

Online Agent UK are able to arrange for an EPC to be completed on the landlord's behalf.

Letting Services:

The Tenant Find Service includes:

- Listed on major websites

- Tennant Enquiry Management

- Viewings Arranged and Feedback

- No Time Limit

- Negotiation of Offers

- Rental Valuations

- Tennant Reference (fees are agreed payable by tenant)

- Marketing Advice and Letting Tips

- National Tennant Database Search

- You Do the Viewings

- You are required to conduct the viewings based on our standard fee structure but viewings, open days etc. can be arranged by arrangement with your dedicated Online Estate Agent.

The Rent Collection Service includes:

- Deposit collection and deposit management

- Monthly rent collection.

- The demand of rent in the event of non-payment in the form of calls to the Tenant and a series of letters requesting payment.

- The forwarding of the monthly rental balance to the Landlord or Landlords bank.

The Full Management service includes:

- Deposit collection and deposit management

- Monthly rent collection.

- The demand of rent in the event of non-payment in the form of calls to the Tenant and a series of letters requesting payment.

- The forwarding of the monthly rental balance to the Landlord or Landlords bank

- Co-ordination of repairs and maintenance required for the duration of the Tenancy, including informing Landlords of these issues, instructing relevant contractors, and settling contractor accounts from rents received.

- Regular inspections of the Property are carried out, the initial inspection being 3-6 months into the Tenancy and then every 3-6 months there on.

- Deal with any dilapidations, agree the return of the Tenants deposit with both parties.

Our management service only applies to the setting up of and duration of the Tenancy. The Agent cannot be responsible for security or supervision of the Property when it is not let.

Fee Structure:-

Landlord Charges:

Tenant Find Service - £85 inc Vat on completion of Let

(Fees are chargeable to the tenant/s for administration with an additional payment should there be need for a guarantor referencing)

Commercial Let - £99 inc Vat upfront

(Fees are chargeable to the company for for administration with an additional payment should there be need for a guarantor referencing)

Rent Collection service Fee " 4% plus vat of the monthly rent

Full Management service Fee " 8% plus vat of the monthly rent

Tenant Referencing:

Please note that "typical agents" charge you (the applicant) for referencing and then proceed with additional charges for all of additional set up costs.

Online Agent UK charge a flat fee per applicant as set out below:

£300 inc vat  per Tenant Application

£420 inc vat  per Couples Application

£80 inc vat  for guarantor referencing (not applicable to all tenants referencing)

Fees cover Online Agent UK's service for:

-      Applicant Referencing

-      Set up of Assured Short hold tenancy Agreement

-      Deposit Protection service and Legal form

-      Tenant/s Check In

Company Referencing:

£480 inc vat

A Full Company Reference is provided

Overseas Tenant Referencing:

Online Agent UK charge a flat fee per applicant as set out below:

£300 inc vat per Tenant Application

Fees cover Online Agent UK's service for:

-      Applicant Referencing

-      Set up of Assured Short hold tenancy Agreement

-      Deposit Protection service and Legal forms

-      Tenant/s Check In


1) Online Agent UK in some instances may not set up some of the above but fees are charged at a flat fee per applicant and are predominantly in place to cover referencing credit searches and administrative costs related to the referencing.

2) Exception to fees: In some instance, the Landlord will also apply an administration fee.

3) Once referencing has started - Fees are non-refundable

4) Exception to fees: Should the property be managed by us there will be a charge of £180 inc vat for inventory preparation. This payment may be requested by the landlord also

5) Exception to fees: End of tenancy Check Outs that are done by the agency are chargeable at £90 inc vat (normally only chargeable if we manage the property or instructed by the landlord to check you out of the property)

6) Exception to fees: Tenancy extensions are chargeable at £60 inc vat (normally only chargeable if we are drawing a new tenancy agreement on behalf of the landlord)

6) Aministration fees. £15 is chargeable per request of copy tenancy agreements, money transfers and reference requests

7) There is a £60 cost for renewed tenancy agreements payable by the tenants. Shared costs is also charged to the landlord.

8) Money transers cost £12 but normally included in rent collection and full management packages

9) Disputed deposits are chargeable to tenants at £120 inc vat

Privacy Policy

Online Agent UK do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Delivery Policy

Delivery of product is confirmed by means of electronic upload or your property details to the advertising portals that Online Agent UK subscribe and advertise with.

Refund / Cancelation Policy:

There will be no refund of any upfront payments paid to Online Agent UK for services and for marketing of property details through our advertising subscriptions.

Online Agent UK will refund if a service or marketing package has been paid for by mistake and we have not yet progressed with work relating to services and marketing requests.  You will be responsible for payment of any services or marketing that have been progressed by Online Agent UK on your behalf as a result of your request.

Please be sure to contact Online Agent UK on our mainline number should you have any queries and we look forward to finding GREAT tenants for you!!

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